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About me

Minerrale is a French writer and artist. No cats, no dogs, no husbands, just a rabbit helping her, she has all the time in the world to write, make art, and help others in their creative endeavours. 

That's what you can read anywhere I am requested to give an author's bio.


I started writing seriously, with the intent of sharing my work, in 2017. That's not where the writing itch started, but that's when I decided to scratch it.

Since then, I have published a short fantasy story, a children's novella, two comics with Faeries and Ents, small indie publisher that I cofounded and am no longer associated with, and one comic on my own with the art by Aristeine. I also participated in the creation of two comics anthology, respectively about coffee and tea, and a short stories anthology.

That's for the publishing background.​

In parallel, I worked on several comics that will be coming out one day, I promise. They're amazing. The artists are incredible. You'll see.

At the beginning of my creative journey, in the goal of challenging myself and figuring out where exactly I wanted to go, I started writing very short stories. It allowed me to dip my toes in different genres, try different styles, tell stories I wouldn't otherwise be able to. And I loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, that I decided to orient my work around it. Hence why I write bedtime stories for children who can't relate with the usual ones, and short stories of up to three pages for the adults who don't have the time or opportunity to read full length novels. You can read them with your morning coffee, I tried. I also write slightly longer form, but it's episodical and again, you can read each episode with your coffee or tea.

Now is the moment I talk about the real deal. It's related to art, I swear. 

I am pretty vocal about advocating for mental health awareness, because I struggle with PTSD and its little friends depression, OCD (mild), and social anxiety. I wrote a story about it, about the struggles and the causes and the fact that all of this does NOT define me. I am me. Not my disorders. And being me is not only an amazing thing, it's also a very creative journey. That was the first story I put out, in the form of a serial, for free. It's titled Abby's Hope, and you can read it here, it's a lot more fun and deep than it sounds. 

As a result of these mental health issues, I've been in therapy for a while, and it has been suggested to me to try other art forms as a means of dealing with all that stuff. At first I refused. I felt I just wasn't good enough, that I would never be able to create anything that didn't involve words, that it would be a waste of energy. My therapist pointed out that these thoughts weren't actually my thoughts, but the anxiety, and that's how I ended up diving into visual art and photography. And she was right, of course. It was freeing, and it made be happy.  I played with colors and textures and had fun. And since other people said they liked it, I set up two merch sites: one with lots of things and socks (here) for the pictures I take and some of my art, one with lots of things and tables (here) with the minimalist art pieces I am most proud of.

That pretty much sums me up in regards to art. Thank you for reading this piece, and for your interest in my craft and my thoughts. It means a lot. I hope you will find this place enjoyable as you click around, and I wish you all the best.

With love,

- Min

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