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Happy Ever After Midnight

Tina is a very, very good fairy godmother. But will her skills be enough when she's faced with a princess who doesn't want marriage, or romance? Will she be able to provide her with a Happy Ever After without drinking herself silly every night?

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A Demon named Mike

Someone has messed up the proportions when Mike was created. He's a Demon, you see. But a nice one. And now he needs to find something called Virgin's Blood in order to not be sent to Heaven. Let's hope he and his friend Kim don't destroy the Earth in their quest.

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Emmet the young pirate can't see anything but the colour of the sounds he can't hear. But that doesn't bother him.

Come meet him, the Captain, and the crew in this beautiful 24 pages comic drawn by the very talented Eristeine

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Gründ really wants to fly. After many attempts at making wings, and with the help of his friends, he finally makes a pair that doesn't immediately crash! But where they take him, he finds something even better...

Will he be able to decypher the runes? Will he understand how this weird machine works? Will he ever be a flying Töskr?

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Perceneige and Tamara have an old Mickey Mouse blanket, an almost sharp knife, a sling, and their wits. Mad people have flamethrowers. The goal is to survive and maybe, as a side goal, figure out what the Hell is going on. If they make it, they'll talk about all the romance stuff that's been going on too. But honestly that's not the priority. They'd rather find an actual bed first.

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